The Mini Universal

Cherry Vape Drip Tip Mini Universal
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Genuine Cherry Vape, made of either Black or White DuPont™ Delrin®
For people who LOVE the universal, but want a more discreet size.
  • Versatile: Fits inside most 510/901 atomizers OR over most 306 atomizers.
  • Attach and use your favorite colored Pawn or Ming; OR use it alone if you like easy wide-mouthed dripping or a wide-mouthed open draw
  • Heat Buffer: Protects your lips from the heat of steel and aluminum; Reduces heat stress that causes cracking and breakage of acrylic
  • Splash Guard: Reduces hot liquid from splashing into your mouth
  • Stackable: Stack one on top of the other to cool vapor or make your PV as ridiculously long as you want
  • Like to vape an e-pipe? Use it to connect your stem


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