Halloween Acrylic Cloud Chaser, Swappable Bases (Short Run)

Cherry Vape Halloween Acrylic Cloud Chaser Drip Tips
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The limited edition Shamrock Cloud Chaser.Get them while they're in!
The acrylic line of Cloud Chasers are once again revolutionizing vaping, as Cherry Vape marries function with style, beauty with quality. And they're all made in the USA.
Perfect as a present for anyone who vapes -- or collect them for yourself!

choose between the friction fit base for cloud chasing, or the o-ringed smaller base for narrower sub tanks that are on the market.


The Sub Tank Base:

~ Narrower draw to improve flavor – your favorite e-liquid’s taste is enhanced

~ Smaller diameter fits in most of the sub tanks on the market

~ Base is made of genuine Dupont® Delrin™


The Wide Bore Friction Fit Base:

~ Our friction fits feature the biggest 510 drip tip hole on the market! More airflow equals better cloud production.

~ Made of PEEK™ plastic friction fit core and base which tolerates very high temperatures and deflects heat
~ Exclusive design withstands acrylic coming loose from base


The acrylic line of Cloud Chasers revolutionized vaping – Cherry Vape was the FIRST to marry function with style, beauty with quality for drip tips when we invented the friction fit wide bore drip tips. The originals are worth it…and they're all made in the USA. Collect them for yourself, or get them as a perfect present for anyone who vapes.


Acrylic Top:

This beautiful drip tip is slightly wider than the other drip tips on the market. It's a hybrid, made from the gorgeous, high-quality, non-porous acrylic Cherry Vape is famous for.



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