Anodized Aluminum Steam Chuggers--Short Run!

Cherry Vape Red & Blue Anodized Aluminum Steam Chugger Drip Tip
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They're back! Cherry Vape's Ruby Red and Electric Blue Anodized Steam Chuggers. This patriotic duo are anodized aluminum/delrin hybrids, featuring the widest bore 510 hole on the market -- perfect for chasing clouds! Limited short-run quantity.

This statuesque drip tip is quite taller than the others in the cloud chaser line. All manufactured and finished in the US, it's a hybrid, made from anodized aluminum and features an improved Delrin center core to tolerate even higher heat than ever, which also acts as a heat guard to prevent lip burn.
We designed this tip to friction fit--there is no o-ring so there's no choking the air flow.
This tip is for serious cloud chasing and will not disappoint -- sturdy and substantial, it will be your key vaping weapon in your contest arsonal!
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