Acrylic Ming Drip Tips

The Ming acrylic electronic cigarette drip tips, 510 drip tips from Cherry Vape
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Original Cherry Vape design, the Ming Drip TipsTM are available in a variety of translucent swirl colors to suit any mod or mood. 

These elegant and comfortable hookah-style tips feature a long body and large diameter hole for excellent draw and dripping. The Mings fit standard 510 connections.  They are transparent enough to watch your dripping and vapor and each as beautiful as a unique work of art. The vase-like shape sits comforatably in your lips. The patent-pending design is made here in the US out of acrylic.


Color Key:

1. Amethyst = dark purple

2. Lilac = light purple

3. Ruby = red

4. Citrine = orange

5. Peach Quartz = light peach

6. Yellow Pearl = yellow

7. Emerald = green

8. Sapphire = dark blue

9. Blue Topaz = light blue

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