Steam Chugger--Stainless Steel/PEEK™ Hybrid

Cherry Vape Stainless Steel Steam Chugger Drip Tip
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Introducing Cherry Vape's Steam Chugger! Made of surgical-grade Stainless Steel and high-heat tolerant PEEK™ plastic, it features the biggest drip tip hole on the market! 

This statuesque drip tip is quite taller than the others in the cloud chaser line. All manufactured and finished in the US, it's a hybrid, made from anodized aluminum and features an improved PEAK center core to tolerate even higher heat than ever, which also acts as a heat guard to prevent lip burn.
We designed this tip to friction fit--there is no o-ring so there's no choking the air flow.
This tip is for serious cloud chasing and will not disappoint -- sturdy and substantial, it will be your key vaping weapon in your contest arsonal!
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