Burple O-Ringless Ming

The O-Ringless Ming original drip tip from Cherry Vape
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Cherry Vape's latest innovation: The O-Ringless Ming! 

As beautiful as you've come to expect from Cherry Vape--same amount of comfort, same long body, and a large diameter hole for excellent draw and dripping--but without the o-ring, meaning no more weak spot. Use it with a Mini-Universal and they'll take a beating.

New Limited Edition Colors!

"The Pocket Mings" Chris, Cheryl & Sanu are known to carry these mings in their pockets at vaping meets as little gifts of kindness. They're available here only for a limited time. We're also offering Limited "Burple" O-Ringless and currently Blue Topaz and Yellow Pearl. Check back often to see what's new. Each is a unique work of art--no two are the same so expect variations. The vase-like shape sits comforatably in your lips. The patent-pending design is made here in the US out of acrylic.

We highly suggest using these with a mini-universal to prevent heat from getting them to stick. To order a mini-universal, see related items below or click here.

Note: Limit of 2-per color/per customer

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